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Seminar Regarding 2021-2027 CBC Programmes: “Bringing Territoriality into Interreg-Policy Objective 5” was held Online

“Bringing Territoriality into Interreg-Policy Objective 5” seminar was conducted online by the INTERACT which supports the management bodies of the cross border cooperation programmes implemented throughout Europe.

The representatives from several cross border cooperation programmes and the European Commission (DG REGIO) participated in the web-seminar. Head of Department of Union Programmes and Cross Border Cooperation (CBC) Ms. Şebnem Sözer, EU Affairs Experts Mr. Serkan Bozkurt, Ms. Semiha Öztürk and Ms. Övünç Güneş represented Turkey under Interreg-IPA Bulgaria-Turkey CBC Programme and ENI Black Sea Basin CBC Programme whose National Authority is the Directorate for EU Affairs.

Five Policy Objectives (POs) was determined by the European Commission for ERDF programmes under the Cohesion Policy and it has been also aimed through the PO 5 “A Europe Closer to Citizens” to bring territoriality into Interreg CBC programmes in 2021-2027 period. In this context, although the PO 5 is recommended by the Commission as the policy objectives in post-2020 CBC programmes, each programme will decide its policy objectives following the ongoing regional analyses and public consultation process. We maintain our works on determining policy objectives for CBC programmes in which Turkey will take part in 2021-2027 period.