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Black Sea Basin Programme - Practical advice for the beneficiaries

If you intend to perform a modification of the Grant contract, please read the content of the Instruction no 16 from 20 February 2019 to beneficiaries regarding Addendum and Notification.

The modifications accepted through a Notification have an administrative and technical character without a significant impact on the project implementation, its intervention logic (objectives, outputs, results). Examples: changes of the contact person / the legal representative / EUR or national currency bank account / address / name of the controller, or minor changes in the Work plan section of the eMS (without an impact on the main objectives of the project and/or on the total project duration), corrections of inconsistencies between or within different eMS sections of the project, minor transfers of amounts between items within the same budget heading, not having a major impact on the latest approved eMS version of the budget, which may otherwise be subject to an addendum.