Interreg Co-funded by the European Union

2014-2020 Period

The European Neighborhood Instrument (ENI) in the 2014-2020 period replaced the European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI) in the 2014-2020 period.

Allocated fund for the Black Sea Basin CBC 2014-2020 period is 49 million euros. 39 million Euro of the total amount is provided by ENI (European Neighbourhood Instrument), while 10 million Euro is provided by IPA. The total budget of the programme together with national co-financing is 56,9 million euros.

Within ENI CBC thematic objectives, participating countries have agreed on a set of objectives and priorities for the Black Sea Basin programme 2014-2020, reflecting their specific circumstances and requirements, as presented below.


1. Promote business and entrepreneurship within the Black Sea Basin;


Priority 1: Jointly promote business and entrepreneurship in the tourism and cultural sectors;

Priority 2: Increase cross-border trade opportunities and modernisation in the agricultural and connected sectors

2. Promote coordination of environmental protection and joint reduction of marine litter within the Black Sea Basin

Priority 3: Improve joint environmental monitoring;

Priority 4: Promote common awareness-raising and joint actions against river and marine litter   

Further Information for Potential Beneficiaries

Potential beneficiaries who are willing to submit project ideas to the programme, can find further information here.