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The 2014-2020 Period of the Black Sea Basin Programme ended with the Closing Event in Constanta

The 2014-2020 Period of the Black Sea Basin Programme ended with the Closing Event in Constanta

The 2014-2020 implementation period of the ENI Black Sea Basin Cross-Border Cooperation Programme ended with a closing event in Constanta, Romania.

Attended by a delegation from from the Department of Cross-border Cooperation of the Directorate for EU Affairs, which is the National Authority for the Programme, and the Department for Monitoring and Evaluation, which is the Control Contact Point of the Programme in Türkiye, the meeting was also conducted with delegations from Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Moldova, Armenia, Ukraine, as well as representatives from the European Commission, TESIM and the Programme bodies.

During the event, where experiences regarding the implementation of the Programme for the 2014-2020 period were shared, presentations were made on the achievements of the projects carried out in the 2014-2020 period. In this context, Çekmeköy Municipality from Türkiye gave information about the project titled CREA-CENTERS with a budget of 1.48 million Euros and shared the results and achievements of the project with the participants.

Implemented by Çekmeköy Municipality as the main beneficiary, in cooperation with partners from Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, and Greece, the CREA_CENTERS project aims to establish and develop structures and networks for individuals serving the cultural and creative industries sector. It aims to provide physical space and equipment usage support to individuals working in the sector, facilitating freelance work, collaboration, and creative thinking environments. The project also aims to facilitate knowledge and technology transfer by collaborating with investors, customers, and individuals from other disciplines in the Black Sea Basin and working network, to offer products and services to global networks.